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AngleKing represents the first real break through in spinner baits in decades. Not only does it sport three line ties to change the angle it runs in the water but it is the first and only under spin with twin consecutive blade arrays. Having the blades trained one set behind the other allows for maximum vibration and flash but also an amazing clack effect as the forward blades tick on the trailing set. AngleKing's three line ties let the fisher get a new angle on their quarry with ease. The first tie let's the lure run level but the angle increases as one ties further back. What this does is open up a wider variety of retrieve speeds, let's the bait run over obstacles and gives the angler a versatile tool for unlocking the bite in many diverse situations. It fishes like a spinner, a jig or a crank bait all in one. There is truly no lure that can compare to AngleKing.