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Glasswater Angling Tests New Lead Free Panfish Punisher: The Crappie Dueller (tm)

Lead free tackle pioneer John King has posted on social media that Glasswater Angling is indeed planning to release a new bait this fall.

Glasswater Angling, makers of lead free fishing tackle, have announced a new lure project for fall of 2019. The "Crappie Dueller (tm)" double under spin built on an ultralight, finesse fishing scale. At 1/8th oz.-3.5g and 1.25"-3" in length (depending on which tail is used) it is a little gem of a lure for bass, trout, walleye and especially crappies and other pan fish.

Already successful with AngleKing, a 1/4 oz.-7g double under spin with three line tie choices, designer John King explains what is different about the Crappie Dueller.

"With AngleKing (tm) we were out to create a bait with a high level of versatility. Because it was our first original design we wanted a lure like no other. So in addition to a double set of consecutive blade arrays riding under I added three line ties to give anglers even more options in terms of retrieve and overall applicability to various fishing scenarios. However, I had always planned on bringing out a simpler double under spin for those less familiar with the "whys and wherefores" of having three line ties. Thus comes the single line tie Dueller series and we are starting with a light tackle size."

"When we first released AngleKing right away arose clamor from crappie, perch and trout chasers for whom the 1/4 oz. size AngleKing is a bit large. I knew as soon as time allowed I needed to get busy, get simpler and get smaller. I dug out an old silicone AngleKing 3.5g mold I had made two or three years

ago, tweaked things a bit to create a single line tie, fired up my little Lee pot, cast a bit of tin/bismuth and out popped the original prototype for Crappie Dueller (tm) from the Glasswater Tackle Labratory (a.k.a. my kitchen)."

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The Crappie Dueller has almost completed the testing stage. Final prototypes from the manufacturer are due in the coming week. A Kickstarter campaign launch to support the costs of a first run happens on September 20th.