Reservoir Dog AngleKing Assortment


An AngleKing kit focused on fishing where shad and other schooling bait fish are a large part of the game fish diet. 1/4oz. 7g.


A set of five AngleKings picked out by lure designer and fisherman of five decades John King the “Crappie Hippie”.  These were selected for big water bodies with high concentrations of schooling bait fish.  Fishable anywhere, these double under spins are especially effective in reservoirs and lakes where large schools of threadfin and gizzard shad are present or herrings, shiners and other forage fish.  Two have the Indiana/Willow Leaf blades for a quick drop into deeper water, two with the big thumping Indiana blades for maximum feel and flash on those windy points and one Colorado blade array for the shallow brush and grass edges.  They come in their own tackle kit with an extra tail for each so you can mix and match and also replace tails as you tear them up catching lots of fish.